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Why are Car Rental Rates Decreasing?

Travel is booming!  The economy has continued to show steady signs of improvement with unemployment figures decreasing and individual disposable income increasing.  More and more US citizens are deciding to spend that extra cash on experiences and travel.  Motivated by recent trends of minimalism, a millennial-like aversion to basic consumer goods like clothing and accessories Read more about Why are Car Rental Rates Decreasing?[…]

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Audi Announces Plans to Acquire Silvercar

Already in tight partnership for many years, Audi and Silvercar officially took the next step when Audi announced its intent to acquire the alternative car rental company.  Both companies expect full approval of the transaction and Audi hopes to close within the first half of 2017 by increasing its minority share of Silvercar to 100%. Read more about Audi Announces Plans to Acquire Silvercar[…]